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The Dreamer’s Tears…


Giant: “Then where are they? I’ll bring you to them if your that worried about it” He wasn’t bothered by the weather. How cold it was were something he had gotten used to a while ago. 

A thin stream of smog left his mouth as he waited for her response as his mask slid back down to cover his face. 

Lilly understand it, the most important, it1s the team aren’t worried and go back home. She sigh and nod to him gently.

"… At home…" she said gently. "We will soon go to the new world we have discovered a moment ag… it’s weird because people are all in black and white and they all look worried…" she chuckles. “But they also look adorable…”

She still hold him, ready to go back home. They’ll wait for her to go in this Zone.

The Dreamer’s Tears…


Giant: Once she kissed back to him after a few seconds, he gently broke it off. Keeping her held in his arms, which rather made it look like she was dwarfed by him in comparison. 

So, do you want to stay out here longer or can I take you back to my place?”

Lilly look doubtfully when he broke her kiss. But the main thing is that she’s near him, in his arms. Still blushing a bit, she pondered about his ask.

"Uh… I would like to stay longer with you… But…" she look away. "Methy maybe was so worried about me… I didn’t told her that I’m here… And Yume too…"

Lilly, on his arms, she still doesn’t want to let him go. It’s begin to be colder, she cover half of her face with her white scarf.

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Dren relaxes again and slouches a bit. “I r-really would rather not talk about it… it’s a very touchy subject. Thanks for understanding that.” he thinks of anything that he could tell Metana before he returns to his work.

Oh! Something has been remembered! “Oh, and I know a thing that will help you when it comes to identifying Elsens that are very anxious or stressed. When they sigh or exhale, if it is strangely higher pitched than usual. Stay away or don’t trigger them during conversation. it causes horrible things.” 

"Trust me, I’d know." He chuckles bitterly, still thinking about that incident, but quickly moving onto a different subject (hopefully). "Do you want to know anything else?"

"You’re welcome." reply gently the leader.

Metana blinked doubtfully, it’s a advice when the team meet other Elsen. She’ll tak some note too. She can identify the anxious and stressed Elsens. after he said, these sigh are more higher than noral and can be dangerous if approach.

"Okay, it’s noted." said Metana. "Thanks for this help, my dear."

Know anything else? She scratching behide her head doubtfully and look around. she pondered a moment.

"I wait some new from Yume about Lilly if she feel better but now you said…" she look at him. "I would like to meet Enoch, your boss. I would like to know if he’s so busy actually." she chuckles "I don’t want to bother him if he has so many work to do."

The Dreamer’s Tears…


Giant: “Welcome” Was all that he got out before she jumped up to hug him. Getting a idea out of this as he wrapped one arm around her then the lower half of her and hoisted her up. Having her held in his arms.

With hearing what she said next, he bent down a little and kissed her lips. The mask he wore shoved a bit up so he could give her a kiss better. 

" Love you to, Lilly"

Lilly feel that he take her on his arms to hug her back. She chuckles weakly, be near of him make her better sure of herself. But she didn’t wait when he remove his mack to kiss her.

She stay speechless and blush more, like the first time, when he kiss her. Still feel cold but for her, it’s like a normal kiss: warm and soft, like it. She kissed gently back to him, her curse heart beat fast and shine with his glow purple.

She feel so happy to be with him.

The Dreamer’s Tears…


Giant: There was a small chuckle from Giant. Knowing how cold he would seem to others when he’s in the factory or doing anything based around it. Not to mention his outfit as well. 

I forgive you, though there’s nothing to be sorry about” He soon holds out his hand to her to help her up from the ground.

The wind begin to be cold, she shaking bit. She look at him, his hand to help to get up. She take his hand gently and get up. 

"… Thank you…"

Lilly jump to give him a hug, she can’t resist to do this. She hug him tightly, she doesn’t want to leave him. She feel assured to be near of him

"Sorry to have doubt about you…" said calmly. “…Despite we haven’t see often this last month… You’re still so gentle with me and so kind…” he look at him. “I love you, Giant…”

She tremble weakly, her curse heart beating again normally, repair, hopefully that evrything will be okay.

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The Dreamer’s Tears…


Giant: “Yes it’s me” He knelt down next to her. Thank the almighty that his face was covered by his mask as she would of been seeing him bite his lower lip knowing that was true. He had proposed to Connar and she said yes, so they were engaged. 

" Hate you? No no, I don’t hate you, Lilly" He looks back to her straight in the eyes as he answers her last question " Yes I am still in love with you"

The Dreamer stop trembling but tears still flow on her eyes, noted he kneel before her, his green eyes still so glowing, she hasn’t noted that he’s nervous when he married. It’s preferable that she doesn’t notice his “tic”.

Her left eye is glowing purple, her curse heart is repair a little, has some pain but it’s nothing feel when she with him.

"You… Still love me…" 

Lilly look dosn, she feel so embarassed because of her behavior: she act like a child, it’s not on her nature. Lilly dry her tears, still trying to calm down.

"I… I was so scared." reply Lilly "I was so scared about it… You look… Cold and I though that i annoy you… But I know you’re… very busy about the factory…" she put her hands on her head and shake. "I’m a idiot to worried about it… I’m so sorry, Giant… C-Can you forgive me?"

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"Do you have portals in Gotham?"

She nod to her.

"Yes, of course."

Metana take his portal star, programme it and leave it to the floor to appear the portal.

"You’re origin form Gotham City, I see?"